Thursday, March 31, 2011

He Knows our name.....

And He knows what to do.   One of the hardest things (if not THE hardest) about being a working mother, is summer time with school age kids!  Once they are past the year-round preschool age....and still too young to be on their own all day.....  It is a total conundrum.

In years past I have:

  • Had a sabbaticle, and taken the summer off.
  • Adopted and taken the summer off.
  • Adopted again and taken the summer off
  • Had a highschool girl be a summer nanny
  • Had a live-in au paire
  • Scheduled my kids in every summer camp, sports camp, vacation Bible school program I could find, spend lots and lots of money, and scramble with a crazy schedule.
Being a working mother during the school year has it's challenges..but nothing compared to summers.  I do not want my kids to hate their summer,    I need to know they  are safe, cared for, and having fun.

My childhood summers were blessed with my mom at home...and enjoyable days...some summers working on farms to earn money for school clothes, going camping, summer church camp...and lots of time just playing and reading.   But I don't have the opton of giving that blessing to my children.,

So I am really praying, as I once again face a summer challenge with my children and try to plan and discover what is best and what to do...especially this year, with a son turning 13 and too old for most camps...and my still shy around the unfamiliar daughter just 9 months home.

I would love your prayers...and any creative ideas.

Summers past:

I know He knows...loves and has widsom and guidance for me...and just the right answer.

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