Friday, April 01, 2011

I want to embroider the world.....

(side note...OH my goodness, I am in Starbucks listening to a new rendition of Nights in White Satin -remember the Moody a teenager, I thought that song was Knights in White Satin..and that it was a noble Knights riding out on chargers and a suit of armor, with a white satin scarf around their neck.  How disillusioned I became when as an adult...I found out, that just was NOT what the song was about....)

So while I am in the retro frame of mind...looked what I picked up today!   Sew Retro!  Doesn't that look like a fun book?  Can't wait to sit down and relax and enjoy it.

And...all the way from Japan, to my house!   My Japanese embroidery book arrived in the post today...  Just too darling!    From THisandTHatfromJapan on

On what shall I grab and start stitching cuteness on????

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