Wednesday, April 20, 2011

fabric and kittens...

We lost our kittens!

Momma kitty had them tucked away in a basket on one my fabric shelves...until this morning....

Such cute little black furr-balls.   I think we may have peeked and petted one to many times for momma-kitty's tastes.     This morning they were gone!

We searched every shelf and cranny of fabric and yarn.  We searched the garage..we searched under the porch and more or less followed momma kitty around.

After her eating and drinking and meandering outside, she came back in....into my closet!  And there, the three little furr-balls in a new location. :)  I was go glad to find happy they were not outside.

I also wanted to share some of my recent thrift-store finds...such fun...

 a sweet little music box

vintage linens....

an old folksy quilt

and lots of lots of matieral.   And an about making some little spring bunny bags!

and a little gift of books from my mom!

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