Thursday, April 14, 2011

three little kittens....

  our kitty, originally named Amore, changed to "Shredder", when her true personality came out,   was been walking around with a belly-full-of-kittens...for a couple months now.

with in the last couple weeks, though, she has looked different.   We keep asking her where her babies are???!!   Last Sunday the boys followed her all around the yard, and garage, trying to discover her hiding place.

I started to doubt whether she had really had them or not.

Then...last night....clean up my sewing room, I heard momma kitty purring and searched to find her...and her three little cute black baby kitties on the bottom shelf of my fabric stash, all cozy and warm.  The babies look about 2 weeks old, eyes barely opened so sweet.

and now, I am under full court press, as my kids are trying every negotiating and bargaining trick to be able to keep them all.


when did i become the momma and not the child?  I remember my love for kitties, and no number of kitties were too many.  But now.  I really feel, these three little kittens will need new homes.

Anyone want a sweet little black kitty in about 5 weeks?   As soon as I can I will take pictures.   Right now, it just looks like black balls of fur. :)

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