Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Drums and Bacon

 now what do drums and bacon have to do with each other?

It's all about Taddy and his 11th birthday right around the corner.  We have small birthdays, normally just family and maybe one friend, but we do play up the theme.  Pirates, Hello Kitty, Cowgirls...etc. 

{distracting side note:  oh the dilemna of facebook vs blogging!  I was going to put links in the sentence above to show Nick's Pirate B-day, Olivi'a Hello Kitty B-day and Mary's Cowgirl B-day just past in June, July and August.  And lo' and behold (let's throw in a hark hark there too) I realized ....(oh momma crown is tarnished), that I NEVER did a post of their birthdays!!!!!  Tons of pics on facebook, but now post!  Oh the shame.  tomorrow.  THREE b-day posts with pics!  I will now return to "drums and bacon".}

   So I asked Tad what he would like his theme to be.....and....

You may have guessed it...BACON!  lol.   So (don't tell him) I ordered a bacon wallet and bacon t-shirt, I have recipe's for bacon cupcakes, bacon cookies, bacon chocolate....and am working on my creativity for some bacon-style decorations!   All things bacon!  

Besides the themes, Taddy's main gift is a set of drums.   I found a good used starter set...  He plays a djembe right now, and I gave him the snare drum (he does not know about the SHHHHHHHH!) because he is playing the snare in 5th grade band at school.

So yesterday was my "drive to drums".  And I have to tell you, not only were the drums a big blessing....BUT the drive just tickled me pink (ol'little heart of a country girl that I am.)  So I wanted to share my pictures of the drive....

the drive to drums......

 yes, I stopped the car and got outside to take a closeup picture of barbed wire...

 I would have LOVED to stop and spend some time in this shop, but I was on a mission to get the drums and get them home and hidden.

 the only explanation of the picture below is: my mom's love for windmills, my lack of putting on the parking break, and the dive in the car to miss a mailbox!  Don't think the owners would have loved me knocking over their mailbox to snap a shot of their windmill!
 The road back home...mission accomplished....

Someday, when I have a real camera, I want to travel back up this road for better pictures. (These were from my cell phone).

So stay-tuned for then end of next week and more drums and bacon pictures!

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