Sunday, August 28, 2011

Peachy Keen ....

I had fun today {Olivia too} with some sweet peaches from my friend Beth's back yard.  She dropped by a bag....and we made.....

yes..peach perserves!  YUM!   I love pretty jelly jars full of sweetness.   I am going to drop one by Beth's desk at work tomorrow....shhhhhhhhh !  Don't tell.
Since I had never made peach perserves before I watched Paula Deen's little video {she has a friend named BETH too with peaches!) and used the recipe I found here!. (Although I added about 1/2 cup less sugar)...and I added the blanching of the fruit step that Paula shows in the video.   Can't wait for my breakfast toast tomorrow.

and I found the cutest strawberry shortcake fabric at a thrift store yesterday...about 3 yards of it for $2!  later I'll show you one itty bitty cuteness Imade with it.

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