Tuesday, October 11, 2011

music to a downcast soul

i got it.

i asked for a Barnabas..an encourager, and I got it.

I got it here, from Heather....my heart aching and her perspective shifting me and her knowledge shared as she repeats:

"And when the story ends, we know Jesus wins, for his power cannot be stopped. Nothing ever can, nothing ever will overcome the Lord our God.-- Ross King

And i got it here, BIG TIME, from Ann....reminding me yet again, what it is about - what is enough...where the focus is....{should be}  as line after line jumps into my heart, crying to be cross-stitched on the daily-ness of this season walking with my four...this short short season....   she says:

"Family is a field to grow in. Where children grow up and parents grow patient." 

{oh please, Lord, let it be.} 

"A mother’s smile is the child’s sun — what can grow without the warmth of grace?"

{yes, what can grow in the deep shade of stress?}

"...for family to grow us full in the faith."

{This is the blessing, the gift from God..this family to grow us.  to grow me.  to grow Olivia.  to grow Nick.  to grow Taddy.  to grow Mary.  This is it.}

Saving the world, it begins with the salvation of one child.

{Yes...and what if..what if..I went out to save the whole world, to do all the stuff that grabs my ankles like vines..and lose the very souls within my four walls??!!  what if that?  this, this is enough.  they are enough.  now is enough.}

There’s only a harvest in the kingdom when someone attends to the the smallness of a seed."

{Lord capture my heart, capture my attention, capture my passion and energy, with the small of today, with the smallness of these four. With the smallness of me and you...together in this...withthe smallness of the whisper of your love.}

My Barnabas' may not be close by physically, but they are heart-tied-to-heart, breathing life and encouragement into me.

God still answers the prayer of a weary momma's heart.  Thank you Jesus, my Barnabas'.  Thank you Ann, Thank you Heather.

“…but God made you grow.
It’s not the one who plants or the one who waters who is at the center of this process but God,
who makes things grow.
You happen to be God’s field in which we are working."

~ 1 Cor. 3:5 MSG

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