Monday, October 17, 2011

sew good ....

From lovely.
i want to go sew....

sewww  bad....

I spent this weekend doing an itty bitty bit of sewing....put trim and cuffs on 4 pairs of jeans.   FUN.  (Since I have finally succombed to my jeanness).

I spent some other fun time, watching Stargate Atlantis with my boys while I "window shopped" at Pinterest.  oh my goodness..

I think I need an intervention.  I love it.  Especially the DIY (do it yourself) and craft section.

Come find me on pinterest and see all the beauty. :)   I even have a section of things for my dad to make. :)

Already started on all our Christmas ideas.  

This past week, I also did some pumpkin painting, which was quite fun.  (Again, ideas I saw on pinterest...see my Halloween board). Metallic gold, pitch black, glittered, ric-rac and sequinned pumpkins on our fun.  Nick says, mom....I thought we were going to carve pumpkins!   (We will, son, just not these ones!)

This weekend, we also found ourselves in a park, playing red rover red rover...and freeze tag...and all five of us climbing trees!   ha...   Autumn blessings all around!

Can't wait to find more sewing time this coming week.

(If you go to pinterest, then I think you can look for me under Find Friends...facebook I am Sandee Hancock.)

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