Saturday, March 10, 2012


I can't believe it has been a month (almost) since I have blogged!   So much life has happened...

Songs sung, lessons taught, schools found, trips taken, joy happened, projects done, youth camps, e.... and...well the best for last..

Found a great school for Nick to attend next boys gonna be in HIGH SCHOOL...what happened?  blink blink.   He is a couple weeks away from his Wash DC trip.

We took a Saturday roadtrip to Dillons Beach and San Francisco....and had a blast.   Even found a few treasures in a thrift store in Petaluma (can you say pink pyrex and little scooter)

buff alo beach boy

Dillon beach babes

yum to some yuck to others

smiles on fishermans wharf
 We discovered Need to Breathe...and 4 cds later...are addicted. We listened to it all the way and back again on our roadtrip and put us all in such a good mood. Nick even lead their song Garden, in worship at church last Sunday... awesome...

Have done a few around the house projects, like repainted and mod-podged some stools, and painted the play shed barn red.....


in process


The school Talent Show is coming up.. Nick and Tad are going to lots of practicing and momma sewing two costumes..I'll save pics and more hints on that one, after the event.

Fell in love with a little show on for only 13 weeks (watched it on netflix) called Off the Map. Some of it is a bit edgey and ..well not my values....but something about it grabbed me...and has stuck. This hidden message of finding the beauty put here and now {by God, even though they don't recognize who put it there} right in the middle of hard stuff and hard days and ...mess. Like Ann talks about all the time...God's gifts all around us.

Nick and Tad went to a great youth camp, with kids from youth group and another local church and had a blast. Inspired and wired!

and...{drumroll}....our big excited news?

We found her! The little vintage travel trailer I have been looking for. A 1964 Oasis. We are naming her Cupcake...(it is a hard tie between Cupcake and Hootie...which I also love, but I think Cupcake is winning out).  I have to thank Kelle for finding her and pointing her out to me....  I have "met" via the net, so many helpful and wonderful people in the vintage camping world...and Kelle is one of them. Check out her sweet little blog, Little Vintage Trailer.

Cupcake {the new name we are giving her}is a red and white beauty restored by a wonderful couple up in Washington.

The inside is beautifully restored too, but beige is just not me. (Hello red, pink, white and aqua). So here are some pictures of her inside and out....but Cupcake will get my own personal touch on the inside.

Here are some more photos of her...inside and out...

We are planning a roadtrip in a few weeks, spring break, to bring her home! We are happy campers!

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