Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Godets, Wreaths, and the Perpetual Projects

So Nickster and Tad are in a talent show at their school on Friday.  And I have been sewing sewing sewing....and did I mention, sewing their costumes.  

I have made more gathers than I have seen since 4th grade granny dresses, {pirates wear lots of poof!} and I learned last night how to sew a "godet".   Prior to last night, I did not even know what a godet was.  

"A godet ( /ɡoʊˈdeɪ/ or /ɡoʊˈdɛt/)[1] is an extra piece of fabric in the shape of a circular sector which is set into a garment,2] The addition of a godet causes the article of clothing in question to flare, thus adding width and volume.[3] Adding a godet to a piece of clothing also gives the wearer a wider range of motion.[4]"

Alas, what kind of sewing master am I to not know a godet?  The 7th-grade-Home-Ec-teach-yourself-to-sew-a-pillow-cover type.   My challenge with sewing {like many of my creative projects} is that I have inspiration, passion, grandiose expectations and impatience.   Not a good combo.  I get bogged down in the details and often rush.   

Not so, this time around.  Although I just have a week of evenings to get two pirate shirts and one 'godet-enhanced' pirate jacket compete (with button holes galore, another miracle)..I KNEW my pattern was so complicated {14 pieces to the shirt and I had to make two, 22 pieces to the jacket} that I had to take it slow.

My first night...I kept repeating three phrases:
  • slow, methodical,  HAPPY   slow, methodical,  HAPPY slow methodical Happy (while my kids squinted and cocked their heads...'what's up with mom?')
  • the seam ripper is my friend (since I seem to avoid her, and am so hesitant to take the time to get to know her well.)
  • The the final phrase, best...most inspiring...{a quote from the movie "The Edge, with Alec Baldwin and Anthony Hopkins} "What one man can do, another man can do!" 
{And isn't that like life?  Sometimes you have to slow down and just take the next step..and find happiness in the journey.   Most things done, can be undone.   And I am finding out, I can do a lot more than I thought.   If one person can do it, why can't I?)

So here I sit with two shirts complete!  And the jacket should be done tonight.  {I have 10 of the 22 pieces in place, including 3 godets!}   "What one man can do, another man can do."

Along with being proud of my godets...I am proud of my eldest...Nick.  He has been studying for weeks, even in the car on the ride back from basketball games....for a "History Bowl" competition at school.   Finally the competition was held yesterday.   He and his good friend Bryan won! YEA!  There reward is the honor to lay out the wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in their upcoming Washington DC trip.  YEA!  Way to go.   That boy of mine constantly amazes me.   God has surely blessed Him and he knows where the blessing comes from too. :) 

We are all growing with anticipation on our upcoming Road Trip to bring Cupcake home.... with that I realize I have an ever-growing, perpetual project list.  (15 bullet list on my chalkboard back door, and that isn't even all of them.)  One interesting thing I have found out about that it gives you ALOT of ideas.   I did start a board called Pinned it then did it, because I HAVE done a lot of things on Pinterest.  However, it seems like each time I get to erase two off my list, I add four more. :)

But I have to admit..I love it.   I need my creative outlets...and I love trying something I have not before and seeing...hmmm I can do this. (What one man can do, another man can do.)   My papa is one that can build anything.  I want to learn more of that side of creativity from many of the projects on my list are from my "papa make this" board on pinterest. :)   (Wish he lived in my backyard so we could work on them more often.)

So here is my latest brain child project.  I want to "redo" the decorating in a very UGLY bathroom....  And I saw these two pics on pinterest want to combine some elements from each.   I have always done this, pretend-like-you-are-in-Hawaii-while-you-potty bathroom theme, and I am tired of that.

via Pinterest

Via Pinterest

So what do you think?  Should it go to the bottom of my list, or top? 

Heaven knows I will need to decorate Cupcake when she gets home, and I have bookshelves to paint, and pillows covers to finish, and chairs to paint and an ottoman to cover and...  well you get the idea. :)

Happy Pinning...Happy Wednesday!

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