Tuesday, March 20, 2012

THEY WON! {cameraless view}

the brother mateys won the Summit Talent Show Friday night!   woo hoo.  Unfortunately I do not have a real camera...only my phone...and without glasses on, I can never tell if it is focused or not.....but...

after an almost all nighter Thursday night sewing a second Pirate coat for Taddy...{buttons buttons.....72 buttons between the two jackets  and 6 godets...oh my} the boys were ready for the spotlight.   Took Olivia shopping at Macy's for a Hollywood Redcarpet dress, Mary had a new one at home....and we were set.

The whole evening was a blast...my sweet momma and daddy were there....special friends Cyndi and Kelsi..and our table was right up front!  (how did that happen.)  After a little alarm that I could not find the tickets, we all still got in fine and had a yummy dinner....

The decorations were so cute.  All academy award and Hollywood glitz!

Then the performances...dancers, singers, contortionist, flautist.....and then my piratey drummer and guitarist.   Nick had played four overlaying tracks on the keyboard for their background music..and that played over the sound system, as he and Tad played electric guitar and drum over the top of it.   Cute and awesome.

There were three judges, we gave each constestant act feedback. (think American Idol)...and then made their votes. 

With dessert and anticipation we all enjoyed a comedy show by none other than Bob Smiley (one of the judges as well).    Then the moment we all waited for.   

Third place:  a tie between a wonderful dancer and a talented soloist, Second place: our beautiful flautist, friend, Karina McKaughan....at that point I was sure the boys did not make first place....so many talented children.  I was shocked when they opened the last envelope and annouced first place to the brotheres: Nick and Anthony!    I was proud and so happy.  Unexpected truly.

Tad and Nick with Bob Smiley

My papa was so sweet. He comes over to Anthony and Nick, with a copy of the night's program and had them both autograph it.   {so sweet}.      Excitement all around...and worth the late night sewing sessions.

So this week it is on to shadowing highschool for Nick, and getting ready for his Washington DC trip...and all of us getting ready for our camping roadtrip during Spring Break.  {And shopping for a real camera!}

Congratulations Nick and Tad!  I am so proud of you!

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