Wednesday, April 18, 2012

admissions of a neophyte glamper


1: a new convert : proselyte 

2: novice 

3: tyro, beginner

Glamper= glamour + camper

When it comes to camping in something other than a tent, or hotel, I am a neophyte.     But I did catch the vintage trailer, ie glamping, bug...and thanks to wonderful people I have met online, I have learned so much.   Kelle Arvay, {she has a sweet little vintage camper blog site - Little Vintage Trailer} pointed be to a lovely little 1964 Oasis trailer, that became our "Cupcake".

The restorers/sellers are the nicest folks around, from Washington.  So after striking a deal...the kids and I planned our trip.   1 mom, 4 kids and a dog in a suburban for 531 miles times 2 {there and back again}.    It actually ending up being 1476 miles, since we decided to come back home via the coastal route....  but by then it had become a grand adventure.

So, as a professed noephyte..there are things that I don't know that I don't know.  And things that others would assume a grown women would know before she planned to camp her way down the Oregon Coast with 4 kids and a dog.  :)

So things we learned:

  • You can actually put a hitch on upside down and not realize it until you back the trailer up and wonder,  what in the world is wrong here!  (hee)
  • The breakaway cable really does have a purpose...and just thinking, hmm, I guess we don't need this anyway...does  have negative consequences.
  • Driving two hours with locked up trailer breaks can actually go UNNOTICED.  (oh my, this feels strange!)
  • An electric pigtail cable can get shredded after dragging on the Pacific Coast Highway for four hours.
  • Not all RV repair shops are looking out for your interest...and might even tell you, that you have to wait 4 days for them to order a part, or drive 4 hours to get it yourself, when there is another RV shop with the part one block away!  YEA! Seriously!
  • Two girls sharing a bunk wiggle and fuss a lot!
  • Water tank caps need to be screwed on tightly before heading down the road.
  • Unhitch the chain and breakaway cable before pulling away from the trailer.
  • Backing up is an art, needing lost of practice and humility.
  • Shut a refrigerator tightly, before traveling down the road, especially if you have a carton of raw eggs inside. Yep.
  • You can wiggle enough in a trailer to actually knock it off it's jacks.   Tire blocks are needed.
Those are valuable and real experienced lessons we learned our first time out, though painful.

I also learned some wonderful ones:

  • There are the nicest people at campgrounds and RV Parks.  Seriously.  A nice older gentleman who coached me into backing into our spot, and did not give up even after 15 tries! Another who helped me back up and get hitched up the first time out.   Two helpful handyman at an RV park in Brookings, who repaired a shredded electrical cable enough to get me to a shop.  A nice lady in the laundry room, who told me what the RV shop guy would not tell me, that there is other help close by.  She even came back later with phone numbers and names of four other shops that could help me.   The RV guy who fixed up the cable in less than 2 hours and under $125...(pooh on waiting four days and driving 4 hours!)  
  • Bagels, bacon and eggs tastes so much better at a campground in the morning.
  • Easter egg hunts on the beach are fun.
  • Girls can persevere and build campfires for hotdogs and smores, even when the boys give up.
  • Nick has become quite proficient at set up and tear down of our trailer set up. Putting on the hitch and sway bar, setting up or taking down the jacks, electrical and water hook up, even coaching me on backing up. Quite the man.
  • RV sites overlooking the ocean, listening to the waves are a blessing.
  • Bella (our puppy) loves camping
  • That we can laugh and explore and have tons of fun, without being connected to the Internet!
Our maiden roadtrip with our Cupcake...started at my Aunt Barbara's in Salem Oregon. We so appreciate her hospitality, and warm welcome, as well as getting to visit with cousins.   And the hot cup of coffee brought to the campsite before we hit the road the next morning was priceless!

Sea and Sand Depoe Bay

From Salem we traveled to Depoe Bay, to an awesome rv/campground called Sea and Sand.  We had a front row spot to the orchestra of the ocean.  A beautiful beach which we all enjoyed.

Newport Beach
We then spent a day roaming the bayfront of Newport Beach and had our fill of clam chowder and Fish n Chips at MosYUM!  The aquarium was a bit of a disappointment, but we bought our trinkets and postcards and had a good time.

Bullards State Beach
Next stop was Bandon Oregon, at the Bullards State Beach Campground.   A great campground....grassy campsites...and an awesome beach, full of driftwood.   We played for hours....and ended the day with Hotdogs and Smores ala campfire, due to Mary and Olivia's perseverance.

Whaleshead Beach
Next Stop was Brookings Oregon, at the Whaleshead RV Park.  We had an Easter Egg hunt on the beach,  ate at a local Fish N saw a movie..and Mary and I spent some Internet time at the coffee shop in Fred Meyers.   We met some wonderfully helpful folks (this is where we had our cable repairs)...and even found a few finds in a local thrift shop.

Cupcake chatting with another trailer
 at the Trees of Mystery
On our way home, we had to visit Paul Bunyan and the Trees of Mystery... the photo op alone, was essential.

Then on to home...  listening all the way to two books on cd..Kingdom's Dawn and Kingdom of Hope by Chuck Black.  (I already have the next ones on order for our next road trip.)

so, my final admission as a neophyte glamper...although we have not "glamped out" our Cupcake yet, working on that that we love it.   We are happy to learn as we go, and laugh at ourselves.  We are building memories of a lifetime, and can't wait until our next time out.

Wish I could get some of my local friends to catch the bug!   Can't you smell the campfire? S'mores anyone??!!

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Anonymous said...

♥♥♥ love ♥♥♥ this so much. getting away my 1st time will be a real eye opener too; i've depended on my husband *so* much over the years. june 1 though - i'm going solo for a couple nights, as you know. pray. no, seriously, pray.!

sherry w.

Cyndi Dupzk said...

thank you so much for sharing:) This was one special trip! Love you and your family so much! xooxox

SpacemanSpiff22 said...

Glamping! I like that. We call it "Hamming it up!" after canned hams

Geen Grey said...

Clicked over here from my post at ClubUSA VTN. Love it!! Those all sound like things I would do! Love the Oregon Coast, we stayed in Newport last time we were there (my family and I). You are one brave soul for camping with all those kids (I know, I used to have 4, now I have 6) Not sure I'm brave enough to ever try that alone... glad it all worked out, and you found some kind fellow travelers. Sounds like you had a great trip! You can read about our first trip out here: