Thursday, May 17, 2012

72 months of Influence!

2004 - Nick 1st day of 1st Grade
I have been doing a Bible study in the book of James,   by Beth Moore...and I can tell is ALLLL into my she says.     Just examining my heart and ways....and saying CHANGE!

One line I read yesterday, still has me thinking and spinning: 

 "No gift should be received with greater sobriety than influence"  {Beth Moore}

Ain't it so!!?   I have been chewing this one over, as a often far too lightly I take into account my role of influence in my children.  So busy about the days of work, dinner, activities, just living...that I overlook the daily, moment by good and bad, influence I have...   thinking of it should bring me falling to my knees in humble need of grace and help in my time of need...which is pretty much ALL THE TIME!

2004 - Nick 1st day of 1st Grade

But today, I am thinking of it in the light of Summit Christian School.   We are coming to the end of a really really big chapter in the lives of the Hancock family.   More like an 8 book epic!  The amazing influence the teachers have had on my children for 72 months...  72 months of sitting in classrooms, play grounds, chapel, field trips and being influenced by godly men and women.  After 72 months, 8 school years, at Summit Christian School...we have only 15 more days!

  • Olivia started Summit in 4th grade, 2010, her first experience of formal schooling.
  • Mary Beth started Summit/Victory in Kindergarten, 2008
  • Anthony started Summit/Victory in Kindergarten, 2006
  • And my 8th grade graduate, Nick, started Summit/Victory in 1st grade, 2004

2006- Anthony's 1st day of Kindergarten

What an awesome blessing Summit has been to us.  I have sat in chapel at school over the years, with tears spilling from my heart with gratitude.  I am forever grateful! You are part of our hearts....

I feel like I have an achy breaky heart, as I look back. I know to everything there is a season. I know my children are well-equipped with a foundation of faith and love as we move to another school next year.  I know in all things God works for our good.    It has just been such a long season for us and Summit will be sorely missed by the Hancock family.

We thank each and every one of you!  Teachers, Administration, Parents, Students!

{Nick says he is going to grow up and be a teacher at Summit, so who knows, you may see us again!}

2008 - Mary Beth's 1st day of Kindergarten

2006 - Anthony's 1st day of Kindergarten

2008 - First day of school

2008 Nick and Mrs Cosentino
2010 - Olivia's first day of school 4th Grade

2010 - Olivia's First day of school

We love you Summit.  

Feb 2012 - Spirit Week - We love Summit!

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