Tuesday, June 12, 2012

the happiest place on earth

 Some pictures from our vacation last week....at Disneyland...

We loved our campground...quiet, lots of green lawns, shady trees and a swimming pool.  And very close driving distance to Disneyland (less than 30 minutes depending on the traffic)

On the drive down we listened to a book series on cd which we really enjoyed.  (Kingdom Series by Chuck Black)

Stopping along the way

Rest Stop entertainment, Nick and Tad

Bella on a rest stop break

Cupcake with the big boys
 This time the three older kids spent a lot of time "on their own" hitting those big kid rides (Tower of Terror, Indiana Jones) ....we would meet up for meals, and some joint rides...but I spent the majority of my time with Mary...
  I think she and I became "groupies" of the Jungle Cruise.....it has become one of  my favorite ride...along with the Tiki room and pineapple floats! yum!

We had a great time....and a fun kick start to our summertime!

Our little cupcake trailer was awesome with its awning room.  The boys had two cots in there and it worked perfectly!

Jungle Cruise first time around, Mary was a little nervous, by the last time around she was quoting the skipper

Some Bugslife fun in California Adventure

Downtown Disney Lego Store

we do love those Pirate's of the Caribbean! 

And it was so nice to bring Bella along with us on our trip....she would hang out in our Cupcake during our Disneytime and was a happy greeter when we came back to camp!
Awning room, partially set up

Also the hungriest place on earth

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Mom said...

makes us happy to just view your time at the "HAPPIEST PLACE"!
OH! The times in your old age that you will again draw joy from the memories your family stored on this trip, Honey.