Thursday, July 26, 2012

Mei Mei's Cafe

time is rattling by and i want to share what we did for Mary Beth's birthday...  My papa made her a play kitchen sink and stove by repurposing an end is SOOOO darling.   See the little chalkboard on the side...and the curtain is on an cupboard door that opsn and shuts.

Well, knowing what papa was doing inspirted I decided to take a section of our carport and convert it to mei-mei's cafe!   What was so fun, was that everything was thrifted...except for a little fabric.   So paint and imagination brought around the transformation from this:

to this:

A little cluttered (I just couldn't stop)...but it was so fun..and turned out so cute!

Here's some of the in progress photos:

And the party!

Happy Birthday Mei Mei!

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