Monday, July 23, 2012

sometimes you just need a little pretty....

You know I love Ann, right?  I mean she has said so much that has encouraged me and her book I gave away time after time..feeling EVERYONE must read it.   I love Ann.

 I think one of the reason I love Ann is because she is real and transparent.  She struggles, she does not pretend to have all the answers, and yet she loves God wonderously.  She can love without all the must we all, who love.

The other day I read something of Ann's that was of those don't have the answer, how can I live without it reflections....  In her anguish she asked "How can you not scream?!"   and oh, have I felt that before....anger over injustice...  she said something else though....that I was thinking about tonight..  She said: "...I want to forget the struggle I can pin the next pretty idea on Pinterest."

I get what she meant...the struggle of not knowing what to do.....or of not being aware that their is a need. ...or a need so overwhelming that you feel like you are drowning...  I get that.

But tonight, as my heart is heavy...and i've prayed off and on all day...for days...i've cried as I cooked dinner, and cried as I waited on the timer, and cried as I drove on the car...and cried silently in my room...cried as i moved the sprnkler...

i realized, sometimes I just need a little pretty....with the pain and hurt in this world, (at my backdoor)...i just need to see something that is pretty, and calm and inspiring....

God made pretty.
God made the hearts that make pretty
He knows sometimes my heart just needs a little breath of pretty...

so here is some pretty (all from Pinterest)

Baby Meows...

Bags of know He could have made them just sweet but He made them sweet AND lovely!

treasure elsewhere
lace on the ends
Nick dreams of owning of vdub van one day {i dream of him owning it too, so i can ride with him}
my fav flower in my fav color

the passionate prayer of the righteous is powerful and effective
just the thought that there are barns..somewhere..some even blue

a graceful waterkiss

Winston's friends hanging out

EVERYthing is {can be} a doorway to God...(rom 8:28)

Our God, who made this...which many of us will never see (face to fur)...He is loving and loves pretty.
{mom~papa:  i love you tremendously...and all that love that spills out from my heart is just a spit in the desert compared to how much very very much HE LOVES YOU.   and this...this season....hard, scary, transitory....the best really truly, beyond imagining is yet to be.  he sees every tear, every ache, every breath...he too weeps!..and says...Abba, precious he intercedes on your behalf}

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