Monday, October 22, 2012

autumn rain

i  am a negligent blogger...i  guess facebook and pinterest have replaced my blogging time. doesn't help that blogger seems to hang up and get stuck most of the i don't have time to mess with it.   but i am not ready to give up on it yet.

it is autumn and it is raining ...which both make me very happy.    I posted this on my momma's facebook page this morning:

"i am sitting in the office at work....i can hear the sheets of rain hitting the window close to my cubicle....and i love the sound. I woke up in the night, when it started raining and smiled.... Bella, however, was not too thrilled when  I pushed her out the door this morning to go potty!

But the kitties scampered out and started frisky playing...I think they like the rain too!

It was fun to drive the kids to school in the rain...all are happy."
so here are some autumn rain pics from pinterest.   enjoy!

rain down all around the world....

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