Wednesday, October 24, 2012

the whispering draw

the whispering draw of the leafy, woolen line rubbing along her fingers,
as the needles clickety-clicked...
loop upon loops.
some back some forward some gaps....
as the other she circled around her legs, impatient.
row upon row in a comfortable rhythm,
growing steadily,
although not fast enough for the second she's liking

one hour blended to two,
windows dark against the rain,
tail swishing swapped for curled purring.

it takes time.
it takes the contented pace of slowness
all that is good is not fast and all that is fast is not good.

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as time lengthened, peace deepened...
so it seemed the cadence of the needles,
and the cadence of the heart
and the cadence of the breathy purrs
all wrapped around each other, loop upon loop

some time later,
ears perked
as the last binding loop was made
and the needles slipped back in the bag.

a small tug here,
a gentle smoothing there...
and then a loving wrap around contented fur.

she smiled at she...
as they both knew:    every kitty needs a scarf.
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