Thursday, October 25, 2012

watchman angels on the wall, come and sing with us

Jerusalem via Pinterest
Psalm 125:2

"As the mountains are round about Jerusalem, so the Lord is round about his people from henceforth even for ever."  



i posted this picture and this verse on facebook yesterday.

 it was for my mom.   it just encouraged me.   i thought it would encourage her too.  

then, just reading comments on the post,  Paula {my aunt, or is she my cousin?   Sorry, but with  15 aunts and 15 X ?? cousins, i occasionally get mixed up} 


.. and mom said:  "If God allows such things, our Tooty promised to meet me there! I LOVE Jerusalem. and this picture is so very heart touching, Honey. I agree with you, Paula. "   

 and my heart just throbbed...full  

i really had a  sense at that exact moment,   
{today...some days it is lost, but today I have it}
 that He
{Abba, Jehovah, Yawah}
is hovering around us. ..  His children... whether in Jerusalem, or where ever we are....

 Like Elijah (or is is Elisha?) who asked that his servants be eyes be opened to see the reality of what was surrrounding him..the army of angels.  

If we could but see.
 See that could of witnesses surrounding us
See those ministering angels
See Jesus' hands on our face, catching our tears....  

we forget...we doubt...we become troubled.  

His Holy Spirit wings flutter in our heart, in our deep inside...
and for just a is "ahhh yes!" 
{all is yes and Amen, in Him}  

....if I coud just see,       
        He IS hovering...  
                          He Is here... 
                                        He IS loving,... 
                                                   He is trustworthy.  

Nothing surpises Him...nothing is not as He allows.  

We are stronger than we believe...
{He made us so, our weakness, His strength combined makes us strong}  

We can endure more than we think...
We are cherished more than we imagine....  
His whisper-kisses are on forehead...if only we could see.

 it all ends well.  it all ends well.   and all of this.. {whatever each ones "this" is that we grapple with today} is temporaty, momentary trials...and like child birth pain, will one day be forgotten, even laughed about in the good telling of a story... when the life begins new...

 my heart is singing today.  

Two songs.....   one is one that my son leads in worship on Sundays:

 My soul sings....
my soul sings...
My soul sings...
How I love you...

{the first week my son led this...he could not remember the real words to the verse, so he made up the following ones on the fly, and we have been singing it that way since. :) }

Here we are o God,

with our arms open wide,
To the mystery of your love,
And here we stand o God,
with our hearts open wide,
Receiving all your love

My soul sings....

The other song is Watchman angels on the wall, come and sing with us.    I look at that picture of Jerusalem..and I think of His watchman angels on the wall...and inviting them to sing with us, as our soul sings.

here are links to both these songs....

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