Friday, October 26, 2012


God is just so good to us.   

something is different...richer ..better...hard to explain...but good.

i just have been aware every day this past week of how blessed we are....and just loving and enjoying my kids...  

a big blessing is their school.  we switched schools this year...all four of them....which was a long and hard decision for me...and not met with cheers from all of them...some, but not all...   some other things happened right before school was to start...that also made me worry about my decision..

but we have been so enjoying this school year and the new school...i feel so blessed.

last night was back to school night...with a singing program that all my kids were in...and I was so blessed!

they all were excited about getting dressed up, and their parts in the program.   Watching them and everyone...was a wonderful blessing......   I thank the Lord for leading us to Freedom Christian School.

That's Nick in the light blue shirt singing :)

Mary is in the second row, middle, of that little group on the left.  Tad is back top row, 5 from left, and Ollie is 8 from left.

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