Monday, November 26, 2012

learning the new normal

as i sat the thanksgiving table this past week, i realized this was the first time in more years than i can remember that my dad will not be at this table with us.  being in a wheel chair and not well, he cannot travel to our home.

so, we traveled to him.   I piled all four kids in the car, after we popped the turkey in the oven, loaded with scrabble, Yahtzee, chess and cards..and we took ourselves to papa.
We may have been a bit loud, a bit noisier than his daily routine...but we all enjoyed a couple hours of playing games, before he got his Turkey and pumpkin pie.  This is our new normal.

We are moving the weekend after Christmas, to a new mile from the kids school and big enough to allow momma some room to live with us.     I am sad that mom and dad can't sleep under the same roof, but I am tickled that she will be moving in with us.   She is such a blessing to us, and I think our puppy Bella, will be thrilled as well... the kitties?..who knows?  If she pets them, they will. :)    So this, starting 2013 in a new home (to us) and with mom, that is our new normal.

The other night I was packing my bookcase (packing is ugly....but setting up all new, is good),  and as I packed I thought, this will be my first home that I have lived in that papa has not fixed.  and I cried.  He has always handled my "honey-do" list.   A sticky door, a broken hinge, a clogged sink, a  cracked window, a must have it improvement...papa always fixed it.  his golden heart and golden hammer always loving to help.    my heart grew heavy knowing I would be in a house that papa did not fix.

then a day later, I was thinking about the move, and taking apart and putting together all the beds, and hanging all the curtain rods....and hooking up the washer and dryer and refrigerator...and yes, I have my papa's drill and know how to use it...but I think most moves my whole life long, papa has been there with me, tearing down, setting up, and fixing....   this part of our new normal I do not like.  But I will adjust.  It is our new normal.  And after visiting with papa and playing a hand or two of cards, I will go home and set up this or that...and it will be ok.  different, but ok.

I might even say "oh man!!!" like papa does, when something doesn't come together right, or drill in straight! :)..even a "gosh" or two. :)  a new normal.

I start a new job in January.   same company, but after 20 years in IT I am making a move to a new job in HR.   And rather than having a desk and cubicle, I will be a "mobile" working, bringing my laptop and using shared work spaces.   a new normal.

so as i look at a lot of change in our lives, i look forward with hope and a little bit of excitement.  Yes, it will be different.  It won't be exactly what I have known, or grown accustom to, but it can still be good.  Great even.    And it will become our new normal.

and like Ann teaches me, I will find the blessings tucked into the corners of every day and enjoy our new normal. 

God's hand is watching over us and whatever waves come our way, he walks on them, and that is our new normal.

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