Tuesday, November 20, 2012

look at the calendar...

can it really be the end of November...just two days away from turkey day?     and no posts in October....

so much has happened in our home and family and life ...and still happening... it is truly a time of change and clinging to God...

each day of this month, I have written a status on facebook of the what I am thankful for...and I will say...each day there is always something.   Our Lord blesses in the middle of hard times and times of change...

this month saw:

 my "baby boy" going to his first homecoming dance....  how did he grow up so quick.

my sweet daddy go into ICU in the hospital twice....and now he is in a nursing facility..we take one day at a time and find the good in each day     one special blessing is spending a lot more time with my momma.  I have loved that...even if it is just connecting by the phone, or going to appointments regarding dad.... I have so enjoyed it...and continue to.

my nick also made student council, after our garage sale fundraiser, and he made the sign language team at school

the back to school program...which I loved..

me being offered a new job at work, after interviewing and interviewing and interviewing.  i am excited to start a new career in the new year.

us searching for and finding a new home, hopefully.   we are waiting to hear this week...and if all goes well, we will be moving right after Christmas....with my sweet momma moving in with us.

some Christmas shopping already, and secrets tucked away, brown paper packages tied up in strings....

a fun family photo shoot for our annual Christmas picture...dear Elizabeth Coller did a great job...

answers to prayer regarding papa's care and logistics

soccer season end for one and start for three others...basketball summer league end and winter season begin

parent teacher conferences with a smiling momma walking out of each one...

so a very full and busy month...  with Thanksgiving day right around the corner.   We are visiting papa, and playing board games and card games in the morning, then having our own late Thanksgiving feast at home, with my momma.  

Much to be thankful for.

Nov 1: November...every day I will list at least one thing that I am thankful for...a gift from God., between now and Thanksgiving..... tonight it is family...both my those that share the same last name as me...and those who share the same Father God. :)

Nov 2:  Today I am thankful for Fridays....they seem such a day of promise and release... a day to gather back in the family from our week of work and school and to kick our shoes off and kick back for a couple days. Truly TGIF!

Nov 3:  Today I am thankful for my brother...someone to talk to about mom and dad....and he's coming to see them today...

Nov 4:  Today I am thankful for an extra hour sleep, weekends, and going to church with other believers...

Nov 5:  It's Monday, so what am I thankful for today? Have to dig a little deeper...a good job that helps me provide for my family....

Nov 6: I am thankful for decorating for Thanksgiving....love putting up leaves and pumpkins and apples...and taking down the jackolaterns and cats..there is a celebration between Halloween and Christmas..and it is one of my favorites!

Nov 7:  Today I am thankful for Jesus...who never changes, never pulls away, never tires, is always patient, loving and optimistic!

Nov 8: Today I am thankful for two things: First my sweet friend/sister Rebecca, she is dear and just a blessing...When we grow old we will share a house, like those two old sisters in the Waltons and maybe even make moonshine! (haha)..that is unless some silverhaired prince charming doesn't sweep her off her feet before then! :) The second is the flexibility of my work to meet appts for mom and dad and to allow me to work from home when the need it great. Blessings both!

Nov 9:  To day I am thankful for rainy Friday's, Christmas music, little girls excited to play soccer, and puppy buddies!

Nov 10: Today I am thankful for playing board games with my kids and my mom.......and for sitting in the living room listening to Taddy and Nick play worship songs and songs Nick wrote for Nanny.

Nov 11:  Today I am thankful for a new song my son wrote for church, the Word of God, Lasagna hot out of the oven and Sunday afternoon naps! yea!    this is silly, but, I am thankful that my kids still like to watch Spongebob Squarepants (although I can't take it myself)...regardless of their age! :)
Nov. 12:  today I am thankful for....connections... friends, co-workers, family....who connect in a a real way...and share their whole self...not just their "role" self. :)
Nov 13: Today I am thankful for co-workers who really care and come along side to support in our careers. Hope I can do the same for them.
Nov 14: Today I am thankful for prayer and a Savior who hears and listens and even interceeds on our behalf...that we do not walk this alone!
Nov 15: Today I am thankful for making decisions and trusting the Lord will walk with us. {Sometimes it is so hard to know what to do, which is best, when you cannot tell the future.)
Nov 16:  Today I am thankful for God's word and how at just the right time, the Holy Spirit will bring a verse to mind....as I lay worrying over something last night and this morning, the verse about not worrying about what you wear or what you eat, that Jesus dresses the lilies and feeds the birds, how much more will he care for us..... came to mind. So I focus one day at a time and trust Him for the future
Nov 17:  Today I am thankful for hope, and change that helps, this season..and my kids having fun during a week off from school. AND my boys playing in church this am.
Nov 18:  Thankful for a fun morning in Old Sacramento...and out annual photo shoot..thank you Elizabeth Coller!
Nov 19:  Today I am thankful for change and new things on the horizon...and finding out that it is Christ who strengthens me.


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