Thursday, May 09, 2013

sick with heart the door wide....


why 10 years

why does evil rage

why are people so evil

how do we keep our daughters and sons safe?

how even to pray...when girls are held captive for 10 years......

God where are you?

and all the girls and boys held captive this very moment and we have no clue.....

Oh Lord Jesus..... are we alone in this?

if you ache too, and I know you do,  why not stop it?

this is too high a price to pay for free will...the imprisoning of our daughters and sons....

i say every home has to be inpsected twice a year, every member interviewed, every room searched, every locked door opened....


only those with something to hide would not open their doors wide to save the captured...right?

~ , ~ , ~,

Please tell me, those of you with faith,  how do you process this?  How do you reconcile it?

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