Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Hello September

September 2nd. 

No crisp mornings (yet)
No swirling leaves or need for sweaters...the weather thinks it is still summer...

but it's not...

at least not in my mind as I packed up four kiddos for their first day of school.

a little different this year....

they packed their own lunches, picked out their first day outfits (except for the littlest one, I can influence her still) 

my oldest even drove them to school (with me in the passenger's seat)

but the smiles were the same, the excitement, the wanting to get their early to hang out with friends before it all starts... the new backpacks and shiny school supplies not yet lost....

and the picture taking mom.   As I snapped the first day photos....a time honored tradition....I thought with my oldest just one more year of first day of school photos (unless he let's be follow him to the first day of college...lol)

oh the joy of back to school, and fall and basketball and football...leaves soon to fall, sweaters soon unboxed, new things to learn.

and i celebrated with a pumpkin spice latte on my drive into work.

Hello September!  We love you!

Olivia "Ollie" Eighth Grade

Anthony "Tad" Eighth Grade

Mary Elizabeth "Mei-Mei" Fifth Grade

Nick "Knickerbocker" Junior

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