Thursday, May 01, 2008

Cruising Red.....

I wanted to show you a picture of my new ride. New being a relative term, since it is used. But I bought a second car....used. A PT Cruiser. I was proud of myself, because I had a budget to stay with and did really well with it.

The unplanned part was that it is Candy Apple Red! A bit flashy for my taste, but the kids love riding in the "red car". Pootsee Creezer is what Tadpole calls it. I needed a second car for when our au pair arrives. She will be able to transport the kids in the mini-van and I will still have a car for work. Then when I have the kids and she is off, we will have a second car for her to get around.

It is a cute car, fun...and we made the NO EATING rule in it. So has lasted. (TWO DAYS!!!).....

God is blessing us....inspite of my walking dry. :)

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