Thursday, October 23, 2008

The Gentle Art of Living...

So is that a possibility? In 2008? Can one live our current generation, lifestyle, culture? (With a house full of kids and baskets of laundry?)

Is it an art? Can it be learned? And why does the very concept draw me so? What does it even look like?

Little things, vs big things? Details vs shallow generalities? Less vs more? White space in our lives?

Art.. the faculty of executing well what one has devised

So can one devise a gentle life. Plan it, cultivate it, study, observe and then execute it? of the characters of the fruit of the Spirit...

I am reading a book by Elizabeth Prentiss entitled: Aunt Jane's Hero Written in the early 1800s. I love it. (I had previously posted about her book Stepping Heavenward, another awesome book.)

Aunt Jane's Hero is so simple, so gentle, so lovely, yet so profound in its depiction of devotion to Jesus and living that out well. Gently. :)

I recommend it. A soft read that God is using to speak to my heart, stir my spirit and soothe my soul. Maybe this will be my first step in the art of living gently.

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