Tuesday, February 10, 2009

I want a "hiccup"... Thoughts on my mind today

Yesterday, driving home from an eye doctor appt, Mary told me:

" I want a hiccup. When I grow up, I am only going to have a couple kids so I can get a hiccup."

It took me a moment to process, that Mary has the same attraction to old pickups, that I do. My boys too! The conversation went on about how the "hiccup" could be her second car, when she is rambling around on errands, and she could still have a big family with a big family car too.

It dawned on me, as much as I love "hiccups", why didn't I buy one when I bought a second car? ...next time maybe.

So miscellenous thoughts on my mind today:

  • It is said that "what is essential, is invisible to the eye". Then WHY does the reflection in the mirror bug me so much?! A co-worker came into my office this am and said, "WOW! Did you not get much sleep last night!" ha! Uh-no! It is called being a real woman of age... I keep mumbling: "What is essential, what is essential, what is essential."
  • I bought three new pants this weekend, "slackish" pants. One was in a size bigger. A size I have not worn in 3 or 4 years, when I lost all my weight. nuf said!
  • I think my mom does not like my red hair. Well, in fact, I know she doesn't. Besides telling me she doesn't, she leaves me articles about if you don't like the red of henna, but want to use natural dyes....etc.. I love you momma. And I know you love me, in spite of my red hair. At least it is not a tatoo or a nose ring. ha.
  • Valentines day is this week. It use to bug me. Now I am just surprized it got here so quickly, and I hope I have enough Valentines I bought last year on sale after the holiday for the kids parties tomorrow. No heartsy decorations around the house this year. I was pre-occupied and it just snuck up on me. Maybe some red and white cupcakes or heart shaped cookies.
  • I am feeling a weight off my shoulders. Odd to say, but with the decision to adopt Mame only, I feel less stressed and tense. Like I don't have to be wonder woman.
  • Mom called God the "God whisperer". And it just really resonated with me. I had not thought of it. Like our Esther study, He is working in what appears to be just circumstances, moods, thoughts, but at times is whispering His will into us.
  • Basketball has been "veddy veddy good" for Nicholas. I hate that we only have three games left. I am going to look for a basketball camp during spring break.
  • I am thinking about stepping out, for a while, from leading Women's Bible Study after this one is done in five more weeks. It will be around the time to travel to Ethiopia, then help Mame transition into our family, IF we pass court on the 26th, and I just need a break. I can't live without Bible study personally, but I don't need to lead it for a while.
  • I am going to pitch a fit, if Luke and Lorelei do NOT get married on Gilmore Girls. Now don't spoil it for me. I am on season 6, and it is still all up on the air. sooooo...hush!
  • When I told Rebecca that I felt like I had not impacted anyone to adopt, she said the most wonderful thing. I had shared how upset Nicholas was over us not adopting Hanna, too, and Rebecca said: "perhaps the best 'impact' might be to Nick. Who knows, you might have a house full of little grandbabies from all races with him! And that..is great influence...for generations to come! What a blessing is that?!" And she is right, what a blessing is that! (Since Mary will only have a "hiccup" full).

Well, that is kind of my mind this am.... nothing earth shattering or profound. Let me know if you know of a good deal on an ol' hiccup!

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