Thursday, March 19, 2009

swamped on the edge of spring....

I noticed the calendar on my desk says the first day of spring is tomorrow! ALREADY?! Snuck right up on me. I guess I need to pack all my knitted scarves, hats, toasties and sweaters away for another year.
I have been so swamped with work, and home and etc...the last view days.
Nicholas has a basketball awards celebration and he got an trophy for most improved player...and I have to agree. Both in basketball skills and in character, he really grew during this basketball season. I am looking forward to all the years to come.
No news on the adoption front...just waiting no more talk on that. As I was driving to the Starbucks drive-thru this am, I was thinking , I will hear something today. I usually check my mail first thing in the morning or at work, but I had my blackberry with I wrote in my mind a little poem about "I read it on my blackberry, in the Starbuck's drive through line... after months and months of waiting, I can say you're really mine..." potential? But, alas, no message, so I had to discard it. :)
I took a couple steps on my 60 days to a new BIG hair transformation is tomorrow! lol. So will see if I am in the happy mode or 'why-didn't-you-stop-me-from-the-worse-mistake-of-my-life" mode tomorrow night. ;) I have this vision of a Chatty Cathy swinging pageboy, without the bangs. lol! Do you remember the Chatty Cathy dolls? I had one. Most I have seen on the internet have curly hair. Maybe, like Barbie, there are different styles through the years...but I remember one with a straight page boy. Anyway!
Work has had me the most busy....up to 11 pm at night on Tuesday.....just a lot to get done.
Mary said the funniest thing last night, as we were watching a little bit of a movie while I was working on my laptop. She said. "If we break the glass on the tv, will the people come out of the movie?" :)
well, I have some more inspirational type things to blog about, and this awesome book I am reading, but I am just SWAMPED. Maybe in a few days, my head will come above water.
Happy Spring!

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