Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Gotta put your perky on... The WINNER IS...

I am not feeling so hot today. I have a headache, sinus I think, behind my right eye that is traveling down the side of my head and neck...but

It's St Patty's Day!

And I had to put my perky on for my kids this am, dress in green, and help the boys gel their hair (picture day at school. Isn't it odd they picked today. The whole student body will have school pictures in green outfits!)

And I have to announce my giveaway winner in a minute.

So the thought of having to be perky, even when I did not FEEL like it, made me think of my post last night of having to do the write thing, even when you don't want to.

I know sometimes I might feel so bad, or sick, that no amount of "gumption" (is that a real word?) could get my perky on, but there are other borderline times, that for the best of your family, and even yourself, you need to dig a little deeper and put it on... So I am trying....:)

BTW-Sidenote: I am reading a new book (New to me, about 10 years old I think) by Wayne Jacobsen that I think is going to be really good. I just started the second chapter, so the jury is still out. It is He Love Me. Anyone read it? I share some more of my thoughts on it in a different post....

so....on to the lucky St. Patty's Day winner of the Family Night Devotion book Catching Fireflies by Marcy Lytle: http://sandeefamily.blogspot.com/2009/03/free-giveaway-family-night-devotional.html

It was a random number drawing and the winner is:

Denise Thompson!

You have a whole passel of kids and I know you will enjoy it. I use to have your address, but please email it to me again. Congratulations!

I plan to do giveaways in the future. So thanks for everyone who played. And if you still want Marcy's book, there is a link on the post about it. You can order it online and use Paypal and she is really quick on mailing it! Enjoy...

My next giveaway is going to be scrapbook goodies!

Top of the mornin' to you!

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Modest Mom said...

I love that phrase "put your perky on." Can I borrow it?