Monday, June 29, 2009

A new gardener, a new poster, a new week and new thoughts....

I had to get a new gardener. Needed to. But kept putting it off. Friday I finally did it. I hated to let the former gardener know, but he had to know. He would skip showing up, never call, show up a week and two days late, sometimes only do the front, but ALWAYS showed up to get paid. What did he think?

So I hired a new gardener. Saw him working on my neighbors (for weeks) and he has his act together, and his attitude. :) Is professional, safety conscious, has all the right equipment and looks like a family man who is doing this as his business. So a new gardener.

Yesterday we had a family meeting, and went over some "NEW" rules, guidelines and chores. Really much of it is refresh of my expectations from them (except the new chores) but it came across new and fresh since I made four big posters with the details listed and even pictures. The "NO" poster: that has five statements of things we WILL NOT do to each other (yelling, hitting, name calling, etc) with a message at the top that "Our family and home is a haven {safe place} for all". We had a good talk about it. The other three new posters have 1) summer guidelines (like tv/computer time, being respectful with Angela, rules when out of the house, etc.) 2) Chores and their value (one star * chores = 10 minutes more tv or computer, 2** chores = 25 cents etc.), so they can help around the house and earn allowance and the last poster 3) is the listing of chores earned, the poster they seem the most excited about. :) So yesterday I had kids watering plants, washing dishes, emptying the trash, brushing teeth, cleaning their bedrooms... wooo-hooooo. Something new!

As we start a new week, I think of fresh, a do-over. :) I have started a new healthy eating focus, and walking plan, and I am on day 4 of a new Bible Study.... and I am enjoying the energy and hopeful optimism of all things new.

I know, after a time, the new will move from new to habit (hopefully) or to being in need of a re-inspiration, but for today, it is all new and good. My God is the God of new. Of life, of new mercy every morning, of let's start again.

I love that....

The Living Proof Live Conference this past weekend, with Beth Moore was great. I was sooooooo tired with lack of sleep two nights in a row, that I had an annoying headache on Saturday, but even in spite of that, I enjoyed it and got a fresh word and inspiration. Blessings to Beth and the ministry God has given her, she touches so deeply.

Enjoy this new week!

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