Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Can it be Wednesday already?????

Living Proof Live - Stockton from Rich Kalonick on Vimeo.

Above is what I did last Friday and Saturday...Beth Moore Conference in Stockton...Awesome!
Monday, afternoon, however, not long after the previous post, I went into the hospital...ending up staying overnight and got back home yesterday afternoon.

God is good, and I will be well...on the mend and better soon.....

God used my little stay in many ways: One to show me how precious my dear friend/sister Rebecca is..right there for me, and how precious my momma and daddy are....driving over in a zip when they got the scared plea/call from my little man-still-so-much-a-boy Nicholas...even in the hot heat. I was well taken care of...and appreciating nurses so much more. They do a wonderful work....a ministry whether they see it that way or not.

I saw, afresh, how much my babies depend on me, need me. Thank you Lord. I am saddened that they have no one else (aka daddy), but they do have their grandparents who they love deeply, and depend on. And I am so blessed that they have me, that they need me...blessed to be needed, loved, wanted. When I came home yesterday afternoon and walked in through the garage door, my Nicholas thought it was his grandma. She had come and gone a couple times, to bring stuff to me at the hospital, so he was assuming it was her....and he ran around the corner to the door when he heard it open, saying, "Nanny!"... when he saw it was me, my gangly 11 year old leaped in the air and shouted MOMMY!!! you are home!!! And gave me the biggest hug....all the other two came running. I kissed the top of Nick's fuzzy head, not too long and he will be too tall for me to reach it.....and felt blessed.

God is good. Family is awesome. God puts the lonely in families and what a blessing that is....

So enjoy the video from the conference, and rejoice, Jesus Saves...has saved us, is saving us and will continue to save us!

What an awesome God we love!~

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Rebecca said...

Take care of yourself, and get well! I'm so sorry you've been sick!