Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Keeping it small...

sometimes I need to deliberately keep my life small.

small is cute
small is good
small is comforting
small is doable
small is home and cozy and focused on what is essential, important
small is loving and peaceful

at times I get overwhelmed with all that is out there and with all that everyone else is doing and all that could be done

I start second-guessing my life, and my path and my doings, because my approach is not like all that is out there.

and then, I feel the need, to reign it all back in. pull it back to small.

this family, this son, that daughter, this other son.
this home
this heart
this way

and let everyone else (i know not everyone else) let others go big, or go this way or go that way and take another approach.

i need to keep it small.

Sarah Mae was talking yesterday about freaking out over starting homeschooling and could she do it. and one reader commented that she did not need to do it like anyone else was doing it. and i echo that. I start looking at all the other ways to do this thing, (life, kids, God-walking, writing) and i start freaking, I am going to fail, I need to go do this and that, and that other thing.

i do not need to do "it", what ever it is, like anyone (everyone it feels at times) else is doing it.

God sees the uniqueness of me. us.
No two alike
No two families alike
No two paths identical

so stop the focus {talking to self here} on all the big, out there, different ways folks are approaching this and pull back in to the path you know, the smallness of you and God and your family. And that is big enough.

3 Things Others Said:

ellerbee eight said...

I agree. You know I had my own little nervous breakdown yesterday with so many frustrations! I frequently have to be reminded to keep it small. I would love to completely simplify my life once and for all, but it seems like I simplify and then let it get complicated again. I'm always needing to reign it in!

Rose said...

Thank you for sharing. I needed to hear (read) that.

Lisadiana said...

You said it so beautifully. Stay calm, keep it small.

My prayers are continuous for you!