Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Unplugged Pt 4: at the soccer field...knit some, pearls too

{yea I know, couldn't resist. }

Another way we have pursued my dream of being increasingly unplugged is soccer!

All three kids have joined soccer teams this fall. We are in the practice period, no games yet; with Mary practicing on Mon and Weds, and Taddy and Nick practicing on Tues and the same time, BUT at different parks! Yes, it is a logistical challenge and it does take up 4 nights a week, but it is GOOD!

Last night I took my ice tea, a couple books and knitting out to the soccer field. Mary played under a tree as I relaxed and watched. Unplugged.

By the time we get home they are tired, famished, and after clean-up, we have reading time then off to bed.

They are excited to show me new techniques they learn and I watch their practice scrimmages.

I am eagerly anticipating our first real games....and yes, I will have logistic challenge. Even so, we are finding it a fun way of being unplugged and getting some excercise to boot.

{Is knitting considered exercise? How about lugging books and a camp chair around?}

Oh, and in true
Julia style, I wore my pearls to soccer practice!

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Deborah Ann said...

Whew, sounds like you're one busy girl! Love the pics..

Just wanted to invite you to join my blog (heavenly humor). In a few weeks I'm hosting a game for my followers, should be fun!