Wednesday, August 19, 2009

A Praying Momma

In my desire to become a better momma, I know prayer is one of the foundational stones. I do pray for my children, for our lives, for insight. I do pray.

Yet, I have been attracted to the thought of "praying without ceasing."

"Pray without ceasing. In every thing give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you." I Thess 5:17,18

I have thought this nearly impossible. I mean to do have THINGS to do each day, items that occupy my thoughts. (The thought of these perhaps becoming idols is throught-provoking, read here.)

Last night I read about an interview that Jerry Jenkins had with Billy Graham (Jenkins, p. 67) and in the process he asked how he maintianed his own spiritual disciplines. And Billy Graham's answer was: "There's no secret to that. God doesn't hide the key from us. The Bible says to pray without ceasing...."

He went on to share how he did this practically. He shared that he was praying right then, as he was talking to Jerry. All day long, regardless of the activity, or the conversation, in his heart and mind he had an ongoing dialogue with God. It overlapped in my thoughts with the principles from Brother Lawrence in Practicing the Presence of God.

As a single parent, I often feel alone. I watch my child make an exciting play at a soccer game and turn to share the joy, and no one is there beside me to catch the look of admiration in my eyes. I laugh over my son's funny joke or antic, and no one see it too. I take them across the parking lot, fresh new backpacks, pristine uniforms, grinning faces to the first day of school, with my heart and eyes swelling, and no one is there to share it with.

Then, I discovered their "other parent" was there all the time. Jesus. Out of this awareness I am trying to cultivate this on-going dialogue with Jesus. "Look what he just did, oh, thank you for him. Isn't she precious, help her. He's sad and upset, help me calm him. Did you see that? Let's just grin at 'em."

And I am no longer alone.

I have not grown to the point of praying without ceasing, but I desire it, and am trying to cultivate it.

That is where I am on my pilgramage into prayer and into becoming a better momma.

3 Things Others Said:

Dianne said...

Oh my, Sandee, you gave me a big old lump in my throat and tears in my eyes. I wish I was there to "share" your joys and heartaches about your children with you, BUT I am so glad that you are sharing it with Jesus.

And yes "pray without ceasing." I want every breath I take to be a prayer--my whole life to be a prayer! Thank you, thank you for a beautiful and thought provoking post. Keep sharing about those precious children! Can't wait to hear about your fourth.

Anonymous said...

Really appreciated these words..I saw your comment at Amber's and wanted to hear more. Thank you for sharing from your heart - great picture of what it could mean to dialogue with God all day long.

Holley - (in)courage said...

Thank you for sharing your heart and perspective with such lovely words.