Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Unplugged Part 3: Other's Ideas from Simple Mom

I have not posted an unplugged post lately...and I came a cross some great ideas from Tsh at Simple Mom, so I had to share....go read about 20 Indoor Activities for Kids - Besides TV.

I especially love number 20, and the case for dealing with boredom. I often find, if left to their own devices, my kids will think up the most unusual and creative pasttimes. Recently Taddy asked me to purchase used spoons from Goodwill (after I found my kitchen spoons under his pillow with permanent sharpie ink faces drawn on them)so he could make a set of spoon characters...and then last night, both boys collected rocks out of the yard and made their own rock armies.... {I'll post rock pictures later tonight}

so enjoy the list and let some unplugged boredom be the initiator of creativity.

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