Tuesday, August 18, 2009

A Simpler Momma

It is funny, {interesting, not funny, ha ha} that sometimes things can end up being so simple.

I have a tendency to make it so complicated and confusing by losing site of my momma purpose. I have been waiting, asking, praying and perplexed over a couple of key concerns or decisions that would impact my family and others. I had been taking into consideration all the thoughts and feelings of many others, and lost site of the key purpose of what and why.... and then...

This morning I was reading two hard-to-grasp the meaning of (for me) verses in Eph 2:6,7.

"And God raised us with Christ and seated us with him in the heavenly realms in Christ Jesus in order that in the coming ages he might show the incomparible riches of his grace experessed in his kindness to us in Christ Jesus."

Sometimes the writings of Paul, inspired by God, can be so hard for me to understand, so high, or lofty in theology, that I don't get what he is saying. That is the case with these verses. Part of these verses I get: We have been given a new life in Jesus, resurrected from a life of sin and deadness of soul. I get that. I experience that!

But then the .."seated with him in heavenly realms"...part, I don't know what that means...so I looked it up in one of my commentaries and read:

"participate with him in his ascended majesty".

This is what it says to me:

Once Christ ascended to heaven, He did not stop with his purpose and plan and just sit around waiting for the Father to say, "Go get 'em. now!" He is working on his plan, bringing it about, his kingdom purpose being actively worked. I get to participate with what Jesus is doing now - post resurrection- by living in Him, if I AM living in Him, then I am participating in his plan and purpose. He has a plan of action now, that by his extravagant grace, I get to participate in it. And for me, now, my key piece of that plan of action is his plan for my family, for my children.

I saw, with the two things I am struggling with the question to ask is: What is best for my children? It simplifies the whole question of what should I do. By best, I mean a full, rich best. Best spiritually, emotionally, physicially, relationally....eternally. What is eternally best?

I think the decision making process became simpler, clearer. I become so muddled with all the circumstances and impacts and consequences, or the fact that this person or that person won't like my decision, or that it might even be harder on me personally. But, seeing what is best for my children, I just have to go do the hard thing, because it is the right thing.

sigh.....so pray for me in that. I am a chicken in letting folks know things I think they will not like. But I want to be a better momma, and that means a simpler momma with my eye on my momma purpose!

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