Sunday, November 01, 2009

Trick or Treat.....

Can you say "amigurumi"? I can't either, but I am learning all about it. I picked up this darling little book by Nelly Pailloux's Crobots book, and each of my kids picked out one "Crobot" for me to make them. A zombie bot, ninja bot and alien bot. I then did some internet surfing and found all kinds of patterns for amigurumi. Amigurumi is a Japenese art and word for small knitted toy.

And they are so FUN. I decided to make some, including the three requested "Crobots" for our Halloween great pumpkin gift. See, each Halloween, the kids get to pick out a few of their favorite candies from their trick and treating stash, and then they put the rest in this big plastic pumpkin. The "Great Pumpkin" then takes there candy and leaves a toy. Rather then buying a toy this year....they all got amigurumi's, and felties in a cute "Boo Bag" I made.

Here is Tadpole's "Zombie bot". He happened to visit me at work one day.

Notice his stitches and an button-eye on a spring and a couple loose screws. :)

He was so fun to make.....

I made each of them a candy corn buddy as well. From a freebie pattern on the Lion Yarn Website.

This is Nick's Ninja-bot.

And Mary's Alien-Bot along with her felted ghosty.


Now for the "Boo Bags"

I had Nick draw me a pumpkin, cat and Spider...than I added some words and decorative touches and embroidered them on sheet scraps. (Repurposing. :))

I bought some halloween print fabric, orange and black polka-dot ribbon...and made three cute draw string "boo bags" Each with their own design and name.

Stuffed inside, were the amigurumis, felties and space for the candy they get to keep.

This is Mary's bag, with the kitty and full moon.

Taddy's bag with the Spider and web...

And Nicky's bag with the Pumpkin.
Now on to "graveyard cake".
Some one at work made a graveyard cake for out potluck, so I had to make one with the kids for Halloween.

It has a layer of crushed chocolate graham crackers, then a layer of chocolate pudding , a layer of coconut cream pudding, a layer of cool whip...and then......
You decorate cookies for tombstones.....
Sprinkle more graham crackers on top for dirt, and add pumpkins, ghosts and a skeleton or two.
Voila! Graveyard Cake!
Pumpkin Carving.....
Between all of us, we ended up carving 7 pumpkins! Here are a few of our ghoulish guys...
This one is Nick's and he just sneezed! Yuck!

We had a couple cannibal pumpkins....
and Mary's wild kitty cat......
Now for the costumes:
We had a clone trooper (aka Princess Qing Qing)
Darth Vader, himself (aka Taddy)

And Indie! (Nick)

The Candy!

I hope you had a great weekend! I am exhausted after 4 or 5 nights stayind up to 2 or 3 am..."making" Halloween!


Now, on to making Thanksgiving and then Christmas...(which is including a Star Wars Amigurumi set!)

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Renee said...

You are amazing, Sandee! Love all the crafty stuff. You're a woman after my own heart... except you actually DO the crafty stuff instead of just sitting in front of a screen drooling over what other people have done. LOL!
Amigurumi is so cute. Wish I was better at crochet!
Also, the pumpkin that ate the little pumpkin is totally cracking me up!

Anonymous said...

Awesome I wish I listened to my Home Economics teacher...maybe I could sew?
awesome job! looks fun too


L.L. Barkat said...

Delightful creatures, cookies and kids. :)

Thanks for your comment over at the InCourage giveaway. :)

Melissa said...

I love the little zombie bot doll. He is so cute! The screws are perfect and so creative.
You made some awesome stuff for Halloween!