Wednesday, September 08, 2010

I found a new friend today....

... you know, the kind with a kindred spirit...who articulates what you have been thinking feeling, but had not put into words?
I mentioned in the past, that I had started reading the book "Radical" and it was disturbing me, in a good way. I posted about the tension and angst I was feeling....and then I became all sidetracked with the turbulent seas at home.
Well Megan, at Sorta Crunchy, posted here about the challenges of that transition hour every afternoon with our children. Here words, "I have a responsibility each day to draw them close and show them that they can trust me to be calm in the midst of their storms" convicted me, yet again, as God is using the book (audio) Instructing a Child's Heart to expose my heart all over the place....
Wanting to find out more about this woman, that gave me an ouch, I browsed around her blog and found this post, about her reaction to the book Radical by David Platt. And I just had to echo AMEN!.. It really excited me. As I read the many comments on her post, I realized....there are others....many others.... that God is stirring, moving, preparing a way...for something. For radical living as a disciple of Christ, for one. For changes in our heart, and lifestyle and focus.
And in the middle of book reports, and packing lunches, and loads of laundry and sorting out squabbles, He is touching our mundane with His divine...for a greater purpose. I truly believe it starts with awareness...."Come follow me"...and if we do, then who knows what will happen?
On an ordinary, mundane day, Peter was mending his nets....then, my, oh my, the divine walked into the mundane.
I am blessed to find a new kindred spirit to encourage one another on this journey to radically following Jesus....although we don't quite know how to do that, yet, I am know God has a purpose in stirring us!

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