Wednesday, October 13, 2010

1000 blessings....

little and big things I am grateful for today:

- a long lunch chat with a long time friend.
- Jesus in common
- a yummy latte and a bagel
- hope
- the blessings of children
- work
- hearing the hearts of those following God
-the fact that my walk with God is never static
- Wednesday, halfway through the work week
- finishing "The Forgotten God" by Francis Chan
- planning Christmas projects (gonna make some of these for my kiddos.)
- Friday night coming with a baby sitter,...and hanging with friends
- the smile on my face after reading about how these Haiti momma's are being cared for.
- praying for others around the world, around the block, across town and across the table.
- fall
- watching Chilean miner number 19 come to the surface with a smile on his face in the breakroom at work
- the fact that my kids love and appreciate home-made gifts
- reading this really really sweet love story about 10 cows in Uganda
- getting to know a new friend from around the world...and caring about what she cares about. (Gabi)
- looking forward to homechurch on Sunday
- praying for my papa at the breakfast table with my kids..and seeing how much they really care

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