Monday, October 11, 2010

The humble post, in which she admits: I can't KNIT!

I must admit. I can't knit! :( I mean TRULY knit. oh... I can knit a scarf, even a hat (if it gathers at the top, rather than using double pointed needles.)...or a small purse (which is really a scarf with a seam up the sides.) I can crochet a thing or two...even a little amigurumi (isn't this the most darling thing you have ever seen? and no I did not make it. But I did make this)
But I CAN"T knit a sweater! :( I can't! I spend way to much money on lovely yarn. I follow the instructions stitch by stitch and months of stitching turns into a unravelled pile, as I finally admit, I CAN'T knit! Maybe I should just join the yarnbombers I am sure I can knit a scarf to sew on my tree. :( I have lots of little this and that yarn, that I really do not like enough to invest in something to wear. Maybe my tree would like to wear it.
So I am humbled. I want to knit. Like Amanda or Leslie. But I don't know how. And it hurts to pay that much money for pretty pretty yarn and just ruin it. I unravelled two different sweater projects this weekend. Just gave up on forming these loops into some wearable form. (One is becoming a triangular shawl, can't mess that up...I hope, the other...who knows.) I think I need a knitting mentor. Someone who would just take me through step by step on making a sweater. The books are lovely, but doing it on my own..just not working. I guess it is shawls, amigurumis (they are so darling) and some yarnbombing for me for a while. :(
also humbled by my failures in other areas. No way can this momma EVER be pious or pretentious when I come crashing to my failures on a regular basis. sigh.... FIX ME! I wish. Please LORD FIX ME. But like my knitting, stitch by seems a slow process.
Was reminded last week, what I already knew, but hid in the back of my mind, that my children reflect what they see in me. Ouch! (sometimes smile...but more often ouch!). That I need to be calm (self-controlled), centered, loved on and in love with Jesus. And that I need to be well rested. If I wade through the waves of chaos on a daily basis, I do not need to look too far on why. Oh, yes, there are other issues. Each of my blessings come with unique needs and unique challenges (just like me) but I cannot even focus on meeting those needs until the chaos that I cause (from my chaos within) can settle down a bit.
God creates order out of chaos by the moving of his Spirit. (Gen 1:2)
I need God. I cannot quiet myself...but he can quiet me by his love. (Zephaniah 3:17)
i am my weakness.

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I'm really enjoying your blog and am so glad to pop over from the (in)courage carnival. I'm now a follower! :)


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