Wednesday, August 10, 2011

30 days of Ann...

this might sound slightly odd but....

{first a couple quotes:

"It’s only forgiveness that gives a future.""He is mine, the one that God purposed to give, and to me, and that makes him a gift. Can I accept him as a gift? Sometimes the child tenderly parents the parent."

"Because it’s always in the forgiving that wrongs begin to right."

“What kind of monster says things like that?”}

All of these are great quotes from Ann's great post this morning about forgiveness that is so profound, transparent, and me-speaking. 

I realized as I read it, that I am always so busy...maybe a little extra right now...and/or allowing other things to {distract} occupy my time...and that I hardly ever read Ann in this current season.

But anytime I take the time to read something she has written, I am reminded, touched, drawn closer to God.  My mornings end up being such a scramble that I don't seem to have time for anything.   Nighttime tasks run late..and I am tired....

anyway...lots of excuses.

I thought this morning, as I read her post and was moved, although it might seem silly, how differently would I feel if I spent the next 30 days reading Ann's post every day?   Pulling the resonating truth out of it and chatting with God about it during the day.   Wonder what that would do?

so I am going to try it.   and maybe list/link what I am learning.

#1.  forgiveness: "What if we laid down the expectations — of our parents and of ourselves and of perfection — so we could hold each other?" (Ann)

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GraceGal said...

I can relate to being too busy and expecting too much from myself. Is it possible to miss someone you've never met? I miss spending time with Ann through her writings. Going to go get it off the shelf today. Thanks for reminding me.