Tuesday, August 16, 2011

spinning too fast?

I read a line in Ann's post today:

"travelling the world on our knees"

and it reminded me of something that happened in church a few weeks back.  At prayer time, siting with my mind packed with all my concerns, the thought hit me, why aren't I praying more {at all?} about these things?

Several verses came to mind..about being a person of unclean lips among a people with unclean lips...{} and about how the tongue can turn a ship{} and how our tongue can praise and curse and it ought not be! {}

And I thought then, remember, you forgot...take this mouth and use it for prayer!  And I was inspired, determined....

then....the world kept spinning.   The pace of life marched rapidly on, the cadence of tasks to do spilling over quicker than I could scoop...and weeks have gone by....with more spinning and still less prayer.

And I read Ann's words today, "travelling the world on our knees", and I thought,  think of all the places I could go, all the lives I could touch, all the hearts I could hold in my prayers. 

I could travel with my kids each and every day, through each challenge, joy and heartache.  I could travel with my parents to their doctor appts, with my friends through their work day, with a soon to be single mom having a hard time as her family breaks up, two of them my neighbors.   Look look, where I could travel on my knees. ....

but the spinning cadence is too fast....feels too fast.  Weeks go by and my knees are still scooping out the spilling todos....

But the world is not really spinning any faster than it did when Jesus walked ...w  a  l k  e  d  .... long slow distances in dusty sandals.  A pace slow enough to save the world...starting with 12 men. 

so how do we change our spinning....to a walking cadence...before we look around and find the time all gone?..

I want time to travel the world on my knees...even if it is just my world of the four pairs of little feet running in my yard.   That's a start.

Thank you, again, Ann... your words slow me down.

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