Friday, August 05, 2011

Winding down....

Summer is winding down.....but my "to do" list is in high gear!   All four of my children have their birthdays in the summer or almost summer months....(June, July, August and September)...and we have a birthday celebration nexte week. 

School is18 days aways, so we have been doing TONS of things to get ready for, clothes, books, backpacks, lunch boxes, and organizing.

Our wonderful summer nanny, Abbi, is working her last day TODAY!  She has been a blessing and I know the kids will miss her.  Momma is juggling to cover the kids for the next three weeks until school starts...

I also have been reorganizing the rooms, and moving Mary and Olivia into rooms of their own. (girls have gotta have their own space), as well as reorganizing the boys room to give them more space.  I moved my entire sewing room into the laundry room and the music, pianos, keyboards etc...into the garage. (Still have to organize the garage..that will be next week.)

On top of all that, I am rotating into a new job at work for a couple months, and have been documenting my old job, training someone on my old job, documenting the new job, getting trained on the new job and doing parts of both jobs...all during the same two week period!~  Whew!~  I am exhausted just reading that.

So I am glad this week is winding down...and summer will soon move into fall (My FAVORITE season) and I might even bring out my knitting needles again.   It has been a good summer, and we will squeeze a bit more sunshine and water out of the next few weeks.......(after momma rests a bit).

Looking forward to a slower paced weekend.

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