Thursday, October 06, 2011

Aqua trucks rock!

A little newer than this one, but you get the idea

I saw it.   aqua blue  with a rusted pantina one lane over in traffic.  I as pulled up closer I could see scraps of hay over the back bumper. a "bumper" sticker on the rear window read "I am inspired by horses". (Ah a person after Mary's own heart.)  On the driver's side door of the paint was worn smooth and thin revealing several layers from aqua to white to metal and then rust.  Beautiful.   The clincher: A white outlined decal with a Calvin look-alike and a belowed horse (Hobbs must have been out pitching hay in the barn) kneeling at a cross.   -sigh- 
yea.   pickup envy.   could it be, perhaps, that the man in the drivers seat was the man of my dreams??? 

well no, he wans't.  (about 25 years too yougn, but ooohhh the pick up was! :)  A little eye-candy {beauty is in the eye of the beholder} on the drive in to school this morning.  Thank you Lord.  I will put that on my list as a gift.  aqua-pickup driving, God loving, cowboys do exist.  

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