Tuesday, February 07, 2012

i am loved.

Starbucks loves me. 

It's true. 

Look at my cup this morning. 

  A sure sign of affection, if I ever saw one!

  And I am not surprized.  All the money I spend there.  Time.  Thought.   Savoring.

   No wonder Starbucks loves me.

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For that matter, Pinterest should be head-over-heels about me.

   Our little love addiction.  The gasps and ahs when oft' we meet.   The struggle at parting each night.   The preoccupation and obsessing over its beauty.

Pinterest and I are deeply into it.


And, I think facebook has at least a warm crush on me.. Although he's always changing his looks and trying to get me to chat with other friends I don't even know....makes me wonder a bit.

but with the amount of time we spend together...connecting more than once or twice a day...I think there must be at least a warm crush...ya think? 

It's so nice, with the season of chocolates, lace hearts and affection-professed to know that I am loved.

grin...gotta go...my electronic heart-strings are tugging.

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