Thursday, April 26, 2012

Cupcake Update....

What have I been doing lately?  

{Besides the James Bible Study I am LOVING???!!!!} 

{Oh and cooking dinners, packing lunches, doing laundry, helping with homework, celebrating b-days and...well you know...stuff?}

I have been working on Cupcake.   I chalkboard painted her door last Satuday....she is so sweet with a place to write a message.

And I have been working on her curtains.   With 8 windows, double-sided, 2 curtains per window..that is a whole lot of sewing!   But fun sewing.

I had an idea I wanted to do...from something I saw on pinterest..... kind of a cross between this   and this

The red stripe fabric at the top is from some thrifted sheets I found.  The aqua with white polka dot is too.   It is too silky though, and would bag a bit.   So I had to find something else for the bottom.  The white with aqua (reverse) polka dot is some I picked up at Joann's and is a nice contrast to the first curtian.    All the patchwork I gathered scraps from here and there......with some I really love from Etsy....

The Moda Ruby Charm Pack gave me a lot of the floral squares, with a lot of the other cute fabrics from So Deerly Loved on Esty, and other odds and ends from Beverly Fabrics.

So I have two windows done and 6 more to go.   Bella usually hangs out with me when we are sewing....and my sewing room is inside CUPCAKE!   Which makes it that much more fun.    I brought all the fabric and my sewing machine inside....and sew, measure hang....all in my little campie!   So here are a few pictures (taken with my phone, sorry about the quality)...of my progress.   

Do I need to mention I am loving this???? :)

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