Friday, April 27, 2012

me and my mommy

to be loved...truly loved....ached over when you're sad, giddied over when you're happy, cried over, prayed over, never stopped for a second over....for 55 a grand thing.  a miraculous blessing.  a picture of our Father's love here on the heart of a momma.

my momma loves me.    I could doubt most else in my lifetime, but never that.

what else could one ask for....  nothing.  truly.   God knew what I needed and gave me my mom.

Today my long-loving momma is 81 beautiful years.   What stories she can tell ....and all of the faithfulness of God...sometimes shiny-visible, other times milk glass, but alwasy loving faithful.

Momma...Jesus, the king, enthralled by your beauty, loves you like you love me...times infinity!

Happy Birthday! 

- your blessed-sockless daughter

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