Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Cupcake's out of the doggie house..

i realized, after our recent Disney trip and my brake challenges....i was feeling out of sorts with cupcake.  just parked her in the backyard, took out the food, then ignored her for a week and a half.

i was upset, and feeling clueless and too busy to get clued in...so she sat.

but.....she just sat in all her cuteness and didn't complain, so how could i resist for long.  :)

so last night and tonight...we are back in good graces.   Olivia gave her a soapy sponge bath tonight, making her all clean and shiny..Doesn't she look happy...even with her little dent boo boo in the front from locking her brakes when I was backing up  9 days ago (forgiven).

While Olivia worked on the outside.  I worked on the inside!

i installed a hanging book holder by the door.    I have been collecting children's books about camping, so it was the perfect place for little {and big} hands to grab a fun read.   S is for Smores, Little Campers, Curious George Goes Camping, A Camping Spree for Mr. McGee, Camping out.    It is fun to see how many children's stories about cxamping are out there!

I also installed a couple curtain rods.   I want privacy curtains for the upper and lower beds.   I bought two pink gingham valances at a garage sale this weekend.  They are a little too short, but I have the perfect ruffle to add to the bottom....I just put them up temporaritly to see how the curtain would work.  I also put the rod on the bottom bunk, but still need to make the curtain. 

I found the perfect floral quilt {at Tuesday Mornings} to add to the bottom bunk for those cold nights...and I had an thrift store baby crib dust ruffle...I used part of it for a dust ruffle on the bottom bunk.

Doesn't that look cozy.   and the one thing EVERY glamper needs???   A color-coordinated eye cover for sleeping in!

I also hung hooks for my cups....and I found the perfect hand soap dispenser {also from Tuesday Morning}...  and a darling salt and pepper shaker {thrift store}


So Cupcake and I are back together...relaxing in her right now, with my current favorite summer-time cooler:  cranberry/pomegrante juice, orange juice, and a  little 7 up for bubbles....ahhhh.

Happy Glamping!

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jAne said...

and all is right in the world. love all your new pretties and treatments .. you're simply inspiring!