Wednesday, September 26, 2012

something's broken

A year or more ago, I read a line by Ann Voskamp that echoed me so much, that for a long time I had it on my side bar.   It read: "I am a broken momma, of broken children".

I knew I was broken.  {still am}   I was struggling so with the impact of my brokenness.  At the time, though, it was a new thought to consider my children broken.  After all, they all had backgrounds that could easily cause brokenness, and they all had me for a momma, that could easily cause brokenness..and together with me, we are all living after THE FALL, which is a world of brokenness.

and God loves us.   brokenness and all.

from time to time i forget that we are all broken.

i get judgemental of this person's choices, or life style or ways.  i think, they are a christian, they are a leader....they SHOULD NOT do this or that....

last night, my son and i were discussing a perceived misbehavior of someone we both knew....and after i complained about it, my son said: "Mom, he's just human."

ah...yes..he is.  human broken...just like me...

and our brokenness is being tended by Christ, for those who accept his loving balm.  the wounds, the cracks, filled in with grace and love.    but still broken.

and some times we try really hard to look like we aren't broken.  maybe we did not realize that we are still broken people, in a broken world.   and expect the rescue saving of Christ to presto, instantly mend the brokenness.

but it just ain't so.

he does instantly give us his life..but the brokenness of our soul and body is mended slowly, over time,  and not fully, this side of heaven.

so earlier today, I read Ann again, and her new worlds helped me resolve some judgement I was carrying around about a couple other folks.  Ann said:

"if the broken would just love the broken — this might free us all from the chains of rejection."

yes..we are all broken.  and let's just love the broken, realizing it is all of us.  it is letting ourselves and everyone else off the hook of perfection expectations.   Ann goes on to say:

 "God’s putting together all the pieces of the puzzle and He’ll fill what’s still missing with His peace."

yes.  he fills in our brokenness with himself.  he gives peace in the middle of brokenness. 

another friend shared a short passage from a novel she is reading by Beverly Lewis that said:

{{{What if we simply made it our heart's work to pray more and judge less?"}}}

and I thought..yes...yes.  how about that.  pray about those things I was judge and disliking...rather then complaining about them.

our brokenness needs prayers....not complaints

Read Anns wonderful thoughts here: Because  we all have these days: when we are just hanging on by a string.

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