Wednesday, August 22, 2012

His love floods!

you know...i had been feeling off-kilter a bit.  so busy i was distant....falling again into the mud-puddle of imagined disapproval {failed performance}...envisoning the splatterings of shame and grit of dust....long dried from too long of only a snippet here, and a snippet there of any God speak....

thinking...when I get time, when I catch up, when the kids are back in school...then i will have time to draw close...

abba did not want to wait on me. :)

he decided to draw clse to me in the middle of my busyness to remind me that it is not how well or good or consisten or much I love God.....

It is how much HE loves ME.y

God used this sweet man to bring me near.  to remind me  what real love is.   This is the love I see in my momma and papa.   This is the love I want to see in my sons for their wives one day.    This is the love I want my daughters to experience.   this is the love of God for me.

the real deal.

(The song is Beautiful Exchange by Hillsong)

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